Bangladeshi Matrimony Made Easy by Borbodhu.Com

Friday, 30 December 2011 23:58
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In Indian sub-continent, finding life partner for children is still considered a job that parents do. They have exprience, and they have taken the liberty to do that, after all they never liked their children finding their life partner.  Love, Relationship, Prem whatever you call them, parents never liked them. So if you were ever involved in it, you had to hide it from them. That' how so many Indian Bangladeshi Bangla Movie were born.

Anyway, I wanted to write about how to find your partner, not bengali movies.  So there are so many matrimonial sites on the internet.  Indian site was the pioneer, but then after that a lot of matrimonail site followed. claims to have the worlds largest Matrimony site. Well India has one of the largest population following China, so no wonder it's number one.  Bangadesh is not behind either. It's moving and moving at a first pace. Bangadeshi Matrimony site  pionered bangladeshi matrimony.  I was told that they have 1.5 Laks active profiles. That's a huge selection that you and I had when we made our matrimony.  There certianly more choices now than before. Mobile users are now can get Matrimony alert by dialing 3003 from their mobile phone.  They register their profile and get users registered with delivered to their mobile's sms.  Borbodhu.Com is making good progress convincing people that it' works and it scure. I asked one of the user of and he said "we live in digial age, so  I do not think people should worry about security. I think that's a good digital advancement".   We certainly think new innovation, technological improment will lead to a better life and proably a better way to find life partner. So if you ever need one (:)), fire off your browser and type